Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities

2017, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, United States · Curated by Joseph Becker

Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities,  imagines alternative possible scenarios for futures, conjuring an era in which humanity ceases to negatively impact our planet’s fossil-fuel resources. Part of Saraceno’s larger body of work titled Aerocene, it shows us how it is possible to become airborne in collective sustainable environments. The Aerocene multiple artistic experiments re-calibrate our sensory systems, catalyzing the emergence of new ways of inhabiting the world. 

Stillness in motion refers to how it feels to float in the air, condensing the gap between our perception and experience of the ocean of air at the bottom of which we dwell. When it comes to buoyancy – the tendency or capacity to remain afloat in a liquid or rise in air or gas – or more precisely to experience buoyancy the sensible dimension seems to override the scientific thermodynamical and physical explanations or implications. This buoyancy can be defined as intense weightlessness: becoming lighter than air to challenge gravity. Becoming airborne, being able to travel without sensing it or at least to sense it outside of our ways of perceiving space-time relations, is paradoxically remaining still and being in motion at the same time.