Gravitational Waves

2017 - Ongoing, Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Genk, Belgium · Curated by Jan Boelen

Gravitational Waves evokes an analogy often used by scientists: the comparison between a complex, 3-dimensional spider web, and our “spongy” universe, with galaxies morphing into wall-like sheets, leaving huge voids of nearly empty space. This particular large-scale network can be seen as a reflection of the universe as though it had emerged through a cosmic cataclysm, caused by an entanglement of gravitational waves… making tangible an unfolding and affective understanding of space-time displacement. From this emerges a social space in the very act of becoming, the connection points acting as springboards for a continued symbiosis with our imperceptible universe.

A symbol of interrelation of beings on earth and in space, Gravitational Waves is a heterogeneous immaterial architecture. Each point of interconnection becomes a social node supporting the entanglement of different perspectives. The idea of suspending the void, of capturing and separating it from the surrounding empty space, prompt reflections on the ways we  attune with the Universe, floating with our feet on the ground.