A Thermodynamic Imaginary

2018, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Lisbon, Portugal · Curated by Pedro Gadanho and Rita Marques

What could be the fourth metabolic regime for the population and who is taking part in the Anthropocene? What would be the new set of values necessary to overcome the extracting economy of the fossil fuel regime? How could breathing feel in a post fossil fuel economy? 

Responding to the consequences of the Anthropocene, A Thermodynamic Imaginary at MAAT calls for a renewed relation with elemental energies. Air is life-giving and belongs to all; departing from colonization in servitude to financial flows and exploitative processes, aerosolarity, as embodied in the ensemble of sculptures, seeks a reimagination of energetic and material interrelationships. The installation embodies a new interplanetary ecology of practice which could reconnect with elemental sources of energy and strata coming from the sun and other planets, breaking the boundaries of the sublunary. How can we think to move together towards an aerosolar ethos, embodying an ever more entangled relationship with the atmosphere, the air and the cosmos?

A Thermodynamic Imaginary attempts to perceive the possibility of an “Aerocene” urbanism, as well as a futuristic view of new attunements between humans, more-than-human beings and the Earth system, reaching an ethical commitment with the sun, the atmosphere, and the planet.


Aerocene Foundation


Tomás Saraceno, Pedro Gadahno, Rita Marques, Aerocene Foundation. MAAT Newspaper, 2018.