Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Solo Exhibition  ·  Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Los Angeles
How to entangle the universe in a spiderweb?, 2018

How to entangle the universe in a spiderweb?, 2018

A great deal of the universe is yet to become visible, a concealed web that holds what we can perceive together. How many webs, cosmic, ecological, social are we are still not capable of seeing?

From the perspective of the spider/web, this exhibition tells stories on the impossibility of differentiating the individual being from the web of life in which we are entangled.


Weather Dependent Aerocene 7.8

Group Exhibition  ·  Palermo, Italy
Weather-Dependent Aerocene 7.8. 

Weather-Dependent Aerocene 7.8. 

The name of the city of Palermo in Italy, comes from the Greek word Panoremus – loosely translated to mean ‘always fit for landing in’. Weather-Dependent Aerocene 7.8, a floating installation at Piazza Bologni, is a synthesis of art, technology and environmental awareness, speculating on a new epoch, beyond the anchoring fossil-fuel dependence of the Anthropocene, into the Aerocene, a space not meant for landing, but for floating.



The spherical body of the aerosolar sculpture is mirror foiled, reflecting part of the Sun’s radiation, controlling the temperature inside the sculpture and preventing it from overheating. In turn, the mirror foil makes the surface of the sculpture completely reflective, inviting you to look closer, a re-flective practice, a state of mind.



In an open invitation of multi-species sympoiesis, Saraceno encourages the inhabitants of the city of Palermo to bring plants to the Piazza, to populate the space for the duration of the installation. In this way, the reflective surface of Weather-Dependent Aerocene 7.8 will mirror a green Earth, a serendipitous array of plants and visitors, reflecting (on) the Earth as a biosphere, a visual expression of the fundamental assumption that we are the very nature that we are trying to understand. Weather-Dependent Aerocene 7.8 floats in Piazza Bologni, Palermo, as part of the exhibition Foresta Urbana, curated by Paolo Falcone. 


Aerocene at Karlskirche

Solo Exhibition  ·  Karlskirche Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria

For the debut installation of the recently established Karlskirche Contemporary Arts, a constellation of Aerocene aerosolar sculptures will be suspended from the tambour of the St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) in Vienna, Austria. Aerocene is an interdisciplinary project initiated by Tomás Saraceno in 2015 and developed in collaboration with numerous scientists, experts and communities from around the world. Beyond future and potentially utopian applications — such as the explora­tion of the Earth and its atmosphere, transport and locomotion — Aerocene is above all a symbol of the symbiotic ties that exist between human, and more-than-human, life and the environment and spaces we co-inhabit, challenging our perception of the atmosphere and moving our imaginations towards a futuristic view of new attunements between life on the planet and the Earth system.


Curated by Moritz Stipsicz, with support from the Aerocene Foundation, the installation will open on 13 November 2018 and be on view until 2019.