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“This exhibition is alive, it sleeps and breathes, overheats, and quiets down, and asks to follow. For its duration, the Serpentine is wholly reliant on solar sculpture power from panels newly installed on the roof. With energy scarce, the a/c will be off, triggering the performance for both visitors and staff. The ability to swing with these rhythms is part of the performance!

When heat waves descend, we might be closed as the galleries are uncomfortably hot. Walk slower. And, if clouds appear like rocks and towers, the sky refreshes with frequent showers, the video projector might lack voltage so come back another time. Reject false solutions and new forms of energy colonialism advancing in the name of a green transition, we can produce enough social energy to change the power systems.

We do not all breathe the same air, and yet the air is unconditional to all. Be part of the living web(s) of life.” —Tomás Saraceno